CV Luxury Collection - Your Ticket to Luxurious Wedding Locations around the Globe

Welcome to the CV Luxury Collection for destination weddings! An exclusive experience that reflects the highest expression of the Cristina Verger brand. A curated collection of luxury properties carefully and personally selected by Cristina Verger.

We've spent nearly 30 years exploring the world's most fascinating places to find those moments for you. Moments that will leave a lasting imprint on your memory, and will keep you enthralled for a lifetime. Stumble onto unexpected spots. Meet uncommon people. Experience unpredictable moments. There is more to your destination wedding than you ever thought.

We know that planning a destination wedding, while very exciting, can also be most daunting. Our promise is to make every moment enjoyable from the discovery of new horizons, to the entire planning process, up to the wonderful celebration. We will leave you with "wonder", quite simply, the lingering sensation that you've just experienced something remarkable.

We invite you to learn more about the CV Luxury Collection by visiting the region of your interest which is just a click away. It's a big world what do you prefer?