Wedding Planner Perfection Makes Your Dream Day Come True

At Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production, every wedding is personally planned and executed by principal Cristina Verger, who puts her wealth of experience into each and every event.

This wedding planner’s main focus is to understand her clients’ vision and style. After an initial meeting, Cristina Verger will immediately begin tailor-making a fabulous wedding celebration experience that will be unique to each of her clients. This wedding planner will not rest until every detail is thoroughly thought out in order to create a magical environment full of unexpected moments. Her goal is to have your guests walk away from your wedding bringing home the memory of a truly unique experience.

All weddings are handled personally by Cristina Verger -- she works with her brides from wedding dress shopping, venue selection, design, and everything that pertains to the wedding celebration. She has been known to even try on the dress for the bride, all in a day’s work.

Iconic NYC events are as much her métier as a mountaintop wedding in Aspen, beachside nuptials in Cabo San Lucas, or a quintessentially Italian wedding in the countryside near Rome. Whatever the scenic backdrop, Cristina Verger will use all her wedding planner savvy to create the perfect day for her clients, according to their unique sense of taste and style.

To peruse some of Cristina’s stunning weddings and learn how she uses her expertise to create the most special memories, click here.

What her Clients Say About Cristina:

Why Did You Decide to Hire Wedding Planner Cristina Verger to Plan Your Wedding?

My event was a 50th Birthday formal elegant evening with the surprise component of my wedding.
My vision for the evening was clear and when I met with Cristina she immediately and passionately embraced it.
There was a simpatico in her and my vision and level of taste.

What Makes Cristina V. Unique in Her Approach to the Wedding Planning Process?

The uniqueness to her approach is in the details and execution.
The details were impeccable therefore the event is magnificent.
The production execution was flawlessly seamless.
Cristina listens to her client and then takes it to a creatively higher level.

Did Cristina Live Up to Your Expectations?

Very much so!

Terri Guarnieri – Plaza Athenee New York wedding