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Intimate Central Park Family Affair


The Indiana couple returned to the place they met and celebrated an intimate wedding ceremony with their four sons on Bow Bridge in Central Park. The family then gathered at an Italian restaurant on Central Park South for celebratory meal.


Focused around Central Park, the celebration was an intimate family affair for the couple and their kids. A violinist created the perfect, romantic atmosphere for the ceremony and the day was rounded out with a family-style dinner for the whole family to enjoy.

Special Touch:

Cristina arranged for a custom-made menu with all of the family's favorite foods and delighted the couple with a surprise appearance upon their arrival at the restaurant.

Cristina's Expertise:

In striving to make it a memorable event for the whole family, Cristina arranged all the festivities around a kid-friendly schedule. She hired a limousine for a private sightseeing tour while the bride was having her hair and makeup done, had part of the meal served family style, and arranged for a welcome kit, which included baseball hats.