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Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production is the event planning company that produces and plans events that touch the heart of your guests.

Two-Weekend Wedding Celebration: Country Meets City in New York


An intimate ceremony and reception were held for 30 guests at the couple's weekend home in upstate New York
A weekend later the newlyweds celebrated with 250 friends and family at the opulent Mandarin Oriental.


The first weekend was held in a rustic yet chic décor, at the couple's weekend home. The ceremony room was filled with flowers in whites and creams. The upstairs living was turned into the wedding dinner room decorated with vivid color, fall flowers cascading from the ceiling. A multitude of candles created a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

For the second weekend, at the opulent Mandarin Oriental Hotel, a lounge atmosphere was created by placing custom-made furniture, including ottomans and couches, into the hotel's famous ballroom

Special Touch:

For the invitations, Cristina arranged for a watercolor artist to visit the couple's upstate home and paint a picture of the house, which then appeared on the invitations.
The dance floor at the Mandarin Oriental was arranged in a catwalk-shape, jutting out in a long narrows shape from one corner of the room.

Christina's Expertise:

Cristina transformed the rural home into a warm venue, which included a custom-built chapel in one of the living rooms where the fireplace became a "fall" chuppah. The second living room was imbued with fall color flowers to host the wedding dinner. The furniture of the home was moved outdoors to create a warm and inviting semi-covered patio, complete with bonfire.


“Cristina was truly a pleasure to work with at the Mandarin Oriental, New York. No task was too big and no detail was too small for her. She is an innovative planner with out of the box ideas, which create some of the most memorable events we see here at our hotel. She has the ability to translate a clients vision into a reality and these types of skills are so natural for her. We are looking forward to working with her again.”

James Munz, Director of Catering, Mandarin Oriental, NYC