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Fun East Hampton Beach Wedding


The ceremony was held at Main Beach, East Hampton, NY
The wedding reception took place at the bride's parents' home, adjacent the East Hampton Golf Course.


Ethereal and fun, with the couples' white golden retriever as the ring bearer.

Special Touch:

Ceremony: A birch chuppah was built for the beach ceremony. A custom-built wood plank “runner” was placed on the sand, to facilitate the guests' long walk on the beach in order to arrive at the selected wedding ceremony “spot”.
Reception: Specially designed lanterns were placed around the pool to create a unique and fun atmosphere. The round lantern's lights automatically went on as the sun set, thereby creating the illusion of floating lights throughout the night. This “game of lights” added to the romantic atmosphere.

Christina's Expertise:

Two days before the wedding, a nesting site of the protected Piping Plovers was discovered on the section of Main Beach that had been chosen for the ceremony. The site was deemed "protected". Cristina moved the entire ceremony to a different spot on the beach, and had all custom-built items redesigned in just two days to fit the new location.


“Cristina Verger is the best event planner I have had the opportunity to work with. Her vision and sense of esthetic are matched by her ability to execute under any and all circumstances. Adversities only seem to increase her desire to produce a seamless event.”

Lisa Marie McWilliams, Southampton, NY