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Chic Surprise Wedding in New York City, Hotel Plaza Athenee


Ceremony at the stunning Christ Church, on Park Avenue.
Reception at the renowned Hotel Plaza Athenee, under the cover of a black-tie, 50th birthday celebration.


Elegant and classic style with many golds, reds, whites, and creams.

Special Touch:

Custom-designed black dress and gloves in Audrey Hepburn style for the black tie event.
Bride changed into custom, all French lace wedding dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn's gown in “My Fair Lady”.

Dance room was decorated with tress made of flowers. in all four corners, to create the feel of dancing in a park.


While the guests were at the wedding ceremony, a completely new look and feel was created for the wedding reception room, back at the Hotel. The room was redecorated, and looked changed, from black tie birthday party décor, to elegant wedding reception.


“Cristina created an evening of style with grace, flawlessly executed with impeccable taste to the finest detail. An enchanted evening.”

Terrie Guarnieri, NYC