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Chic Wedding New York City at Gramercy Park Hotel


Ceremony and reception at the renowned Gramercy Park Hotel.


Elegant romance achieved with glass décor, candles, and soft white colors to contrast the enclosed terrace, which is dominated by plants and wood.

Special Touch:

Dinner desserts were presented as mini croquembouche, a traditional French cake served as a high-piled cone of cream-filled profiteroles, bound together with spun sugar.
Custom-created favors made from real leaves coated in copper and gold.

A Roman corner with authentic espresso bar station was created to highlight the couple's love of Rome, while a TV screen showed a custom slide show of black and white photos taken in Italy of stars drinking coffee, to the music of the music of Matia Bazar.


Special, narrow tables, were arranged to seat the 80 guests and create the impression of one long table across the length of the terrace. Tables were separated in sections for easier access.


“Cristina has a knack for providing choices that work for her client, and the ability to simplify situations and move everyone forward. I HIGHLY recommend Cristina, and would hire her again in a heartbeat.”

Suzanne and Keith Block, Boston, MA