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NYC Glamor in the Mid-West


The ceremony was held at the beautiful Amasa Stone Chapel on the University of Cleveland campus. Then, guests transferred to the upscale InterContinental hotel for the dinner and post-ceremony celebrations.


In keeping with their New York sense of style, the couple and Cristina set out to wow their guests with a sleek look, accented by the bride's favorite color, purple.

Special Touch:

After a 2-day setup effort, which saw the hotel's ballroom completely draped in elegant, white fabric, Cristina created a massive round-shape, seamless dance floor for the guests to dance all night long to the tunes of a 20-piece band.

Cristina's Expertise:

Unfortunately, the weather was not on this couple's side as their wedding day saw a big snowstorm travel across the Mid-West. Experienced with inclement weather conditions, Cristina had already arranged for a covered walkway to lead guests from the street to the chapel. With the last-minute addition of valet parking and police enforced closure of the street, she assured that all guests reached their destination warm and dry.


“My wedding was perfection.”

Colleen DiFonzo

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