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Black Tie Mountain Wedding in Aspen


Ceremony and reception were held at the Aspen Mountain Club, a private club nestled on top of the mountain


Designated a black tie celebration, the wedding exuded style and elegance with a gorgeous backdrop of the Rockies. Despite the luxurious feel, the atmosphere inside the clubhouse was warm, cozy, and welcoming – the perfect juxtaposition to the wintery conditions outside.

Special Touch:

Cristina surprised the guests with the sounds of alphorns as they exited the gondola, after tracking down the only Colorado musicians able to play this intricate mountain instrument. An oxygen bar at 11,200 feet added a fun element to the party.

Cristina's Expertise:

Held in April, temperatures on the wedding day hovered around 10°, with snowflakes covering the town and surrounding mountains in a white blanket. After the guests (and all of the furniture) had been carried to the mountaintop by (unheated) gondola, Cristina decided at the last minute to move the ceremony from the terrace to inside the main house, where a fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows created an indoor-outdoor feel while keeping the guests warm.


“Her service is incredibly professional, and her experience is a very calming force throughout this emotional and stressful process.”

Kow Atta-Mensah

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