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Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production is the event planning company that produces and plans events that touch the heart of your guests.

Luxe Mexican Oceanfront Celebration

Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine (upcoming fall/winter issue)


The 5-star Capella Pedregal resort in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) was the backdrop for this destination wedding. From the beach party on arrival day, to the rehearsal dinner the night before, to the ceremony and reception, which were held oceanside, the wedding took full advantage of this posh resort's luxe amenities.


To achieve the minimalistic, contemporary look the couple desired, Cristina arranged for Philippe Starck-like chairs, sleek lounge furniture, custom-made lighting, and white and green centerpieces that contrasted the emerald blue of the ocean.

Special Touch:

After a local string trio delivered the musical background for the ceremony, an e-violinist, specially flown in from LA for the event, worked in perfect harmony with the local DJ to provide the perfect tunes to dance the night away.
Then, as the perfect way to end the day, guests released wish lanterns that were carried out over the ocean.

Cristina's Expertise:

Truly a long-distance planning exercise, Cristina supported the Vancouver-based couple in all their planning efforts, visiting the resort twice before the big celebration to ensure everything was just perfect for the couple's big day.


“She was able to take our vision and create a truly magical experience that we, along with our guests, will never forget. We would highly recommend Cristina Verger to anyone!”

Jennifer Ferguson

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