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Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production is the event planning company that produces and plans events that touch the heart of your guests.

Wedding in Italy - Intimate Tuscan Medieval Castle


Tuscany, Val D'Elsa (Chianti)

A private villa was secured to accommodate the bride, groom, and their immediate family, 25 people in all. A two-week stay at the villa was arranged with private chefs, excursions to Siena and Florence, a hot-air balloon ride over the vineyards of Chianti, among other things. A rehearsal dinner was held on the villa's beautiful terrace overlooking the Senese region.

For the Wedding Day: Cristina secured a private, small, medieval castle, where the ceremony and reception were held. The ceremony was held on the lawn of the castle with a view of the Tuscan hills serving as the backdrop for the bride and groom. The dinner was held in the “court” of the castle, where a 12th century well was filled with flowers. Square tables were used to bring together contemporary style with centuries of history.


Simple elegance in the surroundings of a historic castle with green and purple color highlights.

Special Touch:

Surprise appearance and demonstration by Siena flag throwers for added cultural and fun element.
Guitar player, playing acoustic guitar, for soft music during dinner.

Italian Jazz Trio was brought in to finish the evening in the castle's salon with specialty desserts, after dinner wines, and liquors.
The hairdresser was flown in from New York, and the make-up artist arranged from Rome

Christina's Expertise:

Two weeks after the wedding in Italy. Cristina arranged a large, vibrant wedding party overlooking the Hudson River in New York City, for over 250 guests. A 15-piece band, special lighting, buffet stations, and custom designed ottomans, created the "party" feel the bride and groom were looking to achieve for their “NYC wedding celebration.”


“I highly recommend Cristina if you are looking for a creative and unique wedding experience that will provide your guests with a day, weekend or in our case, an exceptional two weeks they will never forget.”

Samantha Magistro, bride's sister and maid of honor, New York City

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