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Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production is the event planning company that produces and plans events that touch the heart of your guests.

Time Travel Summer Party in Sagaponack, NY


Private residence in the village of Sagaponack, New York.


Swinging Sixties; Tumultuous Seventies; Disco Eighties — all guests dressed in the style of the era of their choice. All eras were represented throughout the party, by using designer styles, music, and kaleidoscope colors and décor.

Special Touch:

Colorful Pucci-style tablecloths and a Village People look-alike group created a fun atmosphere and feel.
To finish the evening, "smoking sorbets" were passed by waiters to all guests.

Christina's Expertise:

With her chef, Kevin Moore, Cristina created a custom menu to include all special requests the client had outlined, including a seafood bar served on ice carving and, at the bar, an Ice carving “luge” for vodka shots.


“Cristina was great to work with and turned my summer party into a unique, fun, and full of surprises event. Friends, who traveled all the way from France, Canada, among other places, were truly impressed and still talk about our party.”

Christine Lanoe, New York City