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Cristina Verger Event Planning & Production is the event planning company that produces and plans events that touch the heart of your guests.

Corporate Event New York City


GIRA (Global Investor Relations Advisors), the founder and owner of this two-day event, invited the BVC to participate and chose Citigroup as the sponsor.


Dinner for 100 top CEOs in the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel, New York City.
Next day: Symposium at the Waldorf Astoria for around 200 attendants, with a lunch at the hotel's stunning Art Deco, Starlight Room.


For the dinner, Cristina managed to secure the Plaza's Oak Room, which is not normally available for private events, for the pre-symposium dinner and drinks.
For the symposium, the next day, simultaneous translators, special monitors with timers for the speakers, and video recording were arranged.

Special Touch:

A jazz trio in the Oak Bar, performing old NY standards, recreated the original Oak Bar feel.


“vents are about details.. Cristina adds that European flair and creativity, customizing each event and allows all others to just enjoy. Working with her, leaves my portion of the evening seamless to produce the results clients come to expect at Cristina Verger events!!”

“Cristina can take a blank canvas and turn it into a once in a lifetime affair, which allows me to candidly capture the spirit of the evening!!”

David Hechler, Hechler Photo, NYC

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