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Non Profit Event New York City - 100-year Anniversary Celebration of Vatra


Two-day event celebrating the centenary of Vatra, the Pan-Albanian Federation of America. Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha; US Ambassador to Albania, A. Arvizu; and HRH Prince Leka of Albania; were honored guests from Albania. From the U.S., Senator Charles Schumer, Congressman Eliot Engle, as well as other executives and dignitaries attended the event.


Full-day seminar at the Helmsley Park Lane for 300 persons. International political, religious, and literary speakers comprised the list of personalities who addressed the 300+ audience who came from the Tri-State area, nationally, and internationally to attend.

The following day, a gala dinner for over 900 attendants was held at Pier 60 on the Hudson. The dinner room was decorated in red and black, Albania's national colors. Grupi Rozafati performed ancient Albanian folklore dances, and national singers and poets were also part of the evening's celebratory performances.

Special Touch:

Over 2000 red roses were used to create the centerpieces for the dinner tables.
Given the size of the group and the very large, rectangular shaped ballroom, 9'x12' projection screens, (4:3 aspect ratio), 7,000 lumen DLP projectors, were used to ensure that all attendees had a clear view of all the speakers and performers.

Christina's Expertise:

Cristina managed to accommodate the last minute changing, ever increasing, number of attendants at the dinner by making last-minute changes to the room set up, and seating arrangements. The dinner exceeded 900 persons.


“Cristina did an all-around flawless job in creating the perfect atmosphere, decor, and technical setup for our two-day event - I'd wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Danny Blloshmi, Treasurer and Member of the Board , The Pan-Albanian Federation of America, Vatra