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Travel to the Caribbean for the Ultimate Tropical Wedding

Originally dubbed the West Indies by Christopher Columbus in the late 15th century, today the Caribbean is a widespread region that includes more than 7,000 islands, of which 13 are independent countries. Belize, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica are some of the more well-known islands.

Known for its coral and sand cays, marine life-filled reefs, and white sand beaches, the Caribbean is perfect for an island getaway or a picturesque destination wedding. Historically rich and full of diverse culture, you'll find a fusion of international influences throughout the islands due to settlers from the Americas, China, Europe, Africa, and Asia that have traveled to the area throughout the centuries. This blended mix of taste and color is reflected in the Caribbean's distinct dance culture featuring tango, salsa, mambo, and meringue. Just as diverse, unforgettable cuisine includes Chinese, Indian, Dutch, French, Spanish, British, and Amerindian food.

If you've longed to get married in the Caribbean, Cristina Verger can help make that dream come true. For more information on planning your tropical destination wedding today, give us a call or fill out this simple form.

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