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Imagine a Provence Wedding Amid the Ancient Beauty of Southern France

Provence is a true gem embedded in the Southeastern French countryside. Boasting a variety of geological and cultural wonders, the region is a beloved favorite among world travelers from all walks of life. Geographical delights include the snow-capped Southern Alps; Europe's deepest canyon, the Gorges du Verdon; and the sparkling Mediterranean shoreline along Southern Provence.

But the heart of Provence's intrigue is its ancient history. Its coast is home to some of the earliest recorded sites of human civilization in Europe, and the region has preserved evidence of the Greeks, Romans, Saracens, competing courts, and princes that have traversed its landscapes throughout the centuries. In modern Provence you can explore great cities like Arles, Aix, and Avignon, and drink in their cultural richness. Bask in the sunshine and enjoy inimitable food and wine made famous by the area.

Provence holds a timelessness in the air, with an inland virtually unblemished by the passage of time. Although it would take months to explore the region, highlight spots include the Roman cities of Orange; Avignon, with its celebrated summer festival; and Aix-en-Provence, the mini-Paris of the region. Other hot spots include St. Remy, where Van Gogh was hospitalized for a year, and the delta plains of Camargue.

Cristina Verger has the experience and European sensibilities to plan your paradise wedding in Provence. For more information on our destination wedding planning services, give us a call or fill out this simple form.

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