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An American Wedding - Cristina Verger Plans Dream Weddings in Any State

The United States is filled with iconic attractions, and it's hard not to recognize them, even if you've never visited the superpower country. From the Statue of Liberty and the White House to the lights of Las Vegas and the expansive Golden Gate Bridge, many equate the USA with freedom and adventure.

However, beyond the famed landmarks and huge, metropolitan cities, the USA is a land of infinite variety. From the bucolic New England countryside and glistening beaches to mountain vistas and breathtaking rock formations, there is a corner of the country that's perfect for your vacation or destination wedding. Maybe you want to see the enchanting Everglades of Florida or stand before the impressive Mount Rushmore sculpture of South Dakota. Regardless of where the open road takes you, you'll find fun, surprise, and generous hospitality across America.

When it comes to deciding on the perfect venue or location for your destination wedding, call on Cristina Verger. She has the vision, experience, and passion to create an extraordinary event tailored to you.

For more information on planning a destination wedding in the USA, give us a call or fill out this simple form.

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